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Put your SMB deal sourcing on autopilot

Hire our AI broker to find, vet, and engage off‑market acquisition targets for you

Step 1

Define your ideal target

Screen through millions of SMBs on dozens of data points to uncover off-market hidden gems that match your exact criteria.

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Step 2

Offload tedious research

Our AI agents can vet thousands of companies simultaneously to deliver a shortlist tailored to your precise acquisition criteria in minutes instead of days.

Step 3

Delegate outreach

Our AI uses dozens of data points on each company to craft and send hyper-personalized messages that will help you stand out from other buyers.

Step 3

Who Can Our AI Agents Help?

Search Funds

Individual buyers looking to acquire one great small business in the $5-50 million purchase price range.

Private Equity

Lower mid-market funds looking to source add-ons / bolt-ons for their buy-and-build platforms.


Larger businesses looking to expand regional presence via strategic add-ons.

Put your deal sourcing on autopilot

Fill your calendar with calls with vetted owners and find your dream deal in weeks, not months